The Quad City Regional Auto Show Scholarship program was the original catalyst in creating an auto show in the Quad Cities market. Six local dealers drew together and formed a non-profit and thus began the show and the scholarship. The show is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024.

All proceeds from the auto show go directly into an endowment which is administered by the Quad City Community Foundation.
The Auto Show has given over $686,000 to date in scholarships to 205 area students.

Students that apply for a college scholarship must have ties to a dealer in an 18-county area of eastern Iowa and western Illinois. They must have a parent or guardian that has worked at a dealership in the year prior to applying or they themselves work in a dealership. We have added a technical school aspect to the program where students can apply for the Automotive Technical training scholarship. Just last year $5,000 was awarded to one tech school student, two $4,000 and two $3,000. So, five students that the auto show scholarship program assists in their tech school education.

The current board of directors for the show and scholarship program have seven local auto dealer owners. The show for 2024 will be March 1-3, and the Scholarship Awards will be February 29.

For more information about the scholarship program contact the Quad Cities Community Foundation
(563) 326-2840

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